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Mice at Hunter Colleges 79th Street Dorms

Three and a half months after students notified students notified Living@Hunter of the building wide mice infestation, Metro Pest control arrived at Hunter College's 79th Street dorms to address the issue.

Metro Pest entered each apartment for a general inspection, and filled any holes found with expanding foam. Both the building’s public safety, as well as Judy Mai, a representative from Hunter College Residence Life, declined to comment about why it took so long. Metro Pest Control reported that they have been servicing the building since approximately this time last year, however this is the first time the building has had a full inspection.

Tobie Goldberg, a resident who has been living in the dorms since they first opened last year, had heard that there were mice in the building before, so was not shocked at their presence in her apartment this year. Tobie’s apartment has a large hole under the kitchen cabinets where mice can easily get in.

When pest control did come they filled many holes, but missed the one under the cabinets. Their apartment has also never filled out a work order about the mice issue. Because of this Residence Life has no record of a specific pest issue in that apartment. Tobie finds that, “the authorities in this place are not accessible” and, “no matter what, it takes a long time for problems to be solved here.”

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